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SH1 - Leather Sheath for Carving Knife
Diameter – 30 mm. (1.18 inches) Depth – 90 mm. (1.57 inch) Material – cowhide leather Colour – Brown A great knife sheath from BeaverCraft is made of genuine brown leather, which is natural and quite durable. The sheath fits...
SH2 - Leather Sheath for Hook Knife
Leather sheath for the hook knife Made from the real leather Minimalistic design Long durability BeaverCraft offers you an exclusive leather sheath for the hook knife. Don’t be afraid to get cut while pulling the knife out of the box...

There are a lot of jokes about protection in different areas of our lives. However, we can’t not admit it: in every joke there’s a grain of joke. So safety and protection must always be a part of your vision and approach to almost everything we do on a daily basis. That’s why having proper protection for your sharp tools is incredibly important. It influences not only your life, but the lives of your family that lives in one house with them, for instance. Always consider the importance of sheaths for carving knife, chisel or any other tool.

A protective tool like that should be well thought through to fulfil its purpose well, it should be of appropriate material, length and width, secure design and so on. Caring about such things is never a bad thing.

Sheath for knife from BeaverCraft

We perceive safety as a very serious aspect and issue of carving, so we work to come up with high quality leather knife sheath for sale. Anybody can purchase any amount for all the tools they have, not necessarily whittling ones. All the cases we make are out of genuine leather, flexible and comfortable for you to work with and for your knives to be protected by. They are not caging your tools the way that you can’t take off the case at all nor are they flimsy or weak. Take a look, choose the required size and receive what’s needed with a couple of simple steps.

Sheaths for carving knife as a preventive measure

There are a lot of issues that a sheath for knife can solve. Those are bad either for you and your family or the knives themselves, so consider this carefully. Having your knives open and carving-sharp anywhere in the house may lead to unexpected “findings” and injuries or traumas that could be easily avoided. Sheaths may also prevent rusting and worsening of your tools’ state (of course, consider the conditions where tools are kept as well – if you keep them in a damp room, there is no such sheath that will be able to prevent the rusting).

Leather knife sheath for sale – protect your tools

Instruments deserve to be taken care of, especially if you don’t have tons of unneeded money that you’ll certainly spend on changing your tools every now and then if you don’t take care of them. Strop them when you carve and after, use a sheath for case knife on every single one of them and don’t be ignorant to that sort of thing. Believe it or not, tools feel it and will treat you and your carving accordingly.

A sheath for case knife as a worthy investment

Having a few extra sheaths in your stock will never be a bad thing simply because you might receive a sudden gift from a caring relative and not know what to do with that tool set. So don’t hesitate if you are not sure that you need sheaths – you do. They will either wait for their turn or become useful soon, that doesn’t matter that much. But you’ll be prepared for everything. This is not a big and thought-consuming spending, but it may well be one of the most important ones in all your history of wood carving hobby. Protect family, tools and yourself – grab some leather knife sheaths by BeaverCraft!

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