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Chisels Kits

  • Beaver’s Choice
    • A set of 4 different chisels
    • Polishing compound and a leather strop are included
    • Ergonomic handles will allow hours of comfortable woodworking
    • Comes with a green canvas roll
    • A set of 4 straight chisels
    • Comes with a green canvas roll
    • Polishing compound and a leather strop are included
    • Ergonomic handles will allow hours of comfortable woodworking
  • $114.99
    • A large set of 7 chisels
    • Comes with a green canvas roll
    • Polishing compound and a leather strop are included
    • Ready to use right out of the box

Chisels tools are simply a great thing to have on your workbench or a tool bag whenever you’re going to carve. To some of us they may even replace the knives completely, to some they are only a great helpful tool for details and some narrow places where knives will have hard time reaching. Whatever it is, it can’t be denied that having a chisels set on your hands is never a bad investment.

There are different chisels kits as well, some of them are more suitable for spoon carving (or any concave shaping, really), some are thinner and more curved to do fine lines, some can be a good roughing instrument for workpieces of different sizes. Whatever it is, you won’t be disappointed. Get yourself a more professional tool kit filled with chisels and gouges that will diversify your working process and influence the final result!

Chisels Kits made by BeaverCraft

We’re always here to make sure your whittling hobby is maximally productive, pleasant and enjoyable. That’s why we create tutorials, that’s why we give advice on our social media and that’s why we work harder than ever to come up with the most optimal chisels tools and sets for your pleasure. They differ in their purpose and the amount of tools in them, but that doesn;t make one of them better and the other worse. They are simply designed to work for individual purposes of each carver separately.

So, surfing, you’ll find chisels kits for spoon carving, roughing carving, detail carving – so on and so forth. Each kit is designed to fulfil at least one purpose, but can be used for more. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity when it comes to instrument use. Let yourself get lost a little in the variety and find what suits you, and only you, the most!

Chisels set

Each and every one of the sets we make has only the best tools we could come up with. The best materials are used to create these instruments for your enjoyment. The blades are very sharp right out of the box, so you have to be careful. But don’t forget to strop them yourself: the high-carbon steel they are made of holds the edge much better than all others, but it still needs your caring touch. The handles are all wooden, light and ergonomic to make it even more of a pleasant time for you and tire your hands less.

Choosing a chisels set from BeaverCraft will be the first step you take to quality detail carving and mastering the skills of proficient carvers. Don’t hesitate to try and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Chisels tools – what for?

It is true that everything that can be done by a knife can be done with a chisel as well. But not everything you can do with a chisel may be easily repeated with a knife. Chisels, especially very thin and curved ones, help you to get rid of the wood waste in places so narrow and hidden from the knife blade that you’ll never find a knife able to get there. So you might not require chisels tools obligatory if you are working with big things, but if you like miniatures – chisels are your call.

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