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SK2Long - Spoon Carving Knife with Long Handle
Total length – 365 mm (14.37 inch) Rounding diameter – 30 mm (1,18 inch) Handle length – 300 mm (11.81 inch) Handle material – Ashwood This Spoon carving knife SK2Long is a perfect tool for creating your artwork. With the...
$29.85 $24.99
SK3Long - Large Spoon Carving Knife
Blade length – 105 mm (4.13 inches) Rounding diameter – 90 mm (3.54 inches) Handle length – 300 mm (11.81 inches) Handle material – Ashwood Cutting kuksas and bowls has never been so easy and smooth. Thanks to our double-edged...
$34.65 $28.00
SK4S - Open Curve Spoon Knife with Leather Sheath
Blade length – 60 mm (2.36 inches) Handle length – 200 mm (7.87 inches) Handle material – oak Sheath material – cowhide leather If you’re looking for the best spoon carving knife, just try BeaverCraft hook knife. The long-curved knife...
$28.95 $25.00
SK5 - Spoon Carving Knife Deep Cut Bevels Oak Handle
Blade length – 85 mm (3.35 inches) Handle length – 200 mm (7.87 inches) Total length – 255 mm (10.04 inches) Handle material – Oak Spoon Carving Knife Deep Cut Bevels will give you excellent carving experience for your spoon,...
$29.00 $21.00
Long-Handled Hook Knives

You might find the palm tools more comfortable than the other ones from time to time, easier to use without a mallet or a hammer, but what if they lack in the use of power you apply? If you are used to hammering away at your chisel, switching it up to palm tools can be a pleasant change for your tired hands but a very exhausting one for the carving time spent. So is there any alternative, maybe a way to improve the situation?

Well, we’ve thought about it here in BeaverCraft and decided – the best thing about using additional tools is that they usually help you to apply more force than you can with one arm. So why not create a tool that can easily be used with one or two hands depending on your wish? That’s why we’ve come up with a long handled hook knife!

Such a tool can be of great use in your workshop since it carves nice scoops of wood at a time and can be used with one hand as well as two hands. The long handle allows you to put one hand on the handle itself and the other to the base of the shaft and the start of the blade for additional pressure and support. This way you’ll be comfortably carving whatever, whenever and not tire out only one of your hands.

BeaverCraft long handled hook knife buy

You’ll be able to find a variety of long handled hook knives here at our website, so don’t hesitate to read up on them, imagine how they would feel in your hands and how significantly easier it will be in the workshop when you purchase one. Long handled hook knife buy from BeaverCraft, you’ll get a premium quality tool with a tough carbon steel blade, light ergonomic shaft that’s easy and comfortable to hold and endless support and inspiration from our welcoming carvers community.

BeaverCraft long handled hook knife review

Of course, it would be only smart to check what people are saying about our tools already. That will be a nice piece of advice to those of you who are pretty meticulous with their choices or are simply new to our tools and don’t know what to expect yet. Well, we can only encourage you to read what people say about us, look at the pictures of the tools in their reviews and think carefully if you want to get such a tool.

We would never advise you to purchase something you don’t need. Instruments should be practical, needed and used or they won’t be of any pleasure to you. So read the long handled hook knife review from the people that have already come across this BeaverCraft instrument, figure out if that’s your thing as well and let’s carve and learn together!

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